Project Name
In ProgressBanner SecurityImplement the Banner security module to allow fine grain security. Implement the security module in the student information system that allows the ability to lock data by fields, etc. This adds an additional step of security for the sensitive data.Will being to set up security for Kettering Online students.
In ProgressCampus Training ProgramProvide training for Faculty, Staff, and Students. This was an ITAC request. There would need to be involvement from CETL, HR, and IT to initiate.A project lead needs to be identified to gather the scope.
In ProgressDVD to Streaming ConversionConvert RM files to allow for streaming for the graduate students.Will be ready to view via Panapto Spring term 2015.
In ProgressData GovernanceCreate a group that will oversee the data, how it is entered, cleaned, and standards.The group meets monthly to work towards accurate data.
In ProgressDigital ThesisImplement a system to track and retain thesis projects digitally.Waiting on data cleanup from CCUE/Library
In ProgressKettering Online SystemsEnsure Kettering systems are ready to support Kettering Online.Blackboard Banner TargetX KUCloud Panapto
In ProgressKqUestThe thesis tracking program.KqUest is moving to Kettering Connect. D. Bourassa is leading the effort. I.T. will assist with integration as required.
In ProgressLecture CaptureCurrent Graduate Distance Learning students have the following options for videos: Download, CD (RealMedia Format,) or DVD. The DVD quality is great but not as convenient as a portable media format.Panapto was selected for the solution. The contract will be signed by March 6, 2015.
In ProgressMobile Application DevelopmentThere is a mobile application for both the Android and iOS platform developed. It has limited functionality but room for growth. I.T. would like to continue to develop the application for the campus.Students from KES are developing a mobile application for Kettering, incoordination with I.T.
In ProgressTargetX For Univ AdvancementThe Univ Advancement group is going with TargetX for the CRM to manage the population efficiently.The contract is being written by TX and will be reviewed by Kettering upon completion.
In ProgressTraining ProgramDevelop a training program for Kettering employees.Banner On Demand Online Training for campus. Argos training is offered monthly.
In ProgressWorkflowImplement the Workflow product that allows third party software to interact with Banner. The product will assist in bringing an end to paper being shuffled around campus.The test application is ready and a workflow is being identified within the Registrar's office to replicate and automate in Workflow.
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