Project Name
In ProgressAddress CleansingPurchase and implement a new address cleansing solution into Banner. Currently applicants from Target X are not checked for duplicates withing Target X or against Banner data.The batch component was ran. Address storage standards need to be adjusted to meet the US Postal service standards.
In ProgressBanner Reporting Solution (Argos)Implement Argos to provide a reporting solution with Banner for all Kettering constituents.Argos was implemented and delivered to campus. Continual workshops and training are provided on going by I.T. Monthly training and labs continue to be held in order to optimize the use of the tool.
In ProgressBanner XEBanner upgrade that changes the entire UI.Modules available are installed in TEST. Testing for end users will being in January 2016
In ProgressCampus Training ProgramProvide training for Faculty, Staff, and Students. This was an ITAC request. There would need to be involvement from CETL, HR, and IT to initiate.Banner online training has been implemented. Argos training happens monthly. Project Management 101 will begin in 2016.
In ProgressData GovernanceCreate a group that will oversee the data, how it is entered, cleaned, and standards.The group meets monthly to work towards accurate data.
In ProgressDigital SignageReplace Mott Building digital signs with new monitors and bring it into the enterprise software "FourWinds".Scoping the progress to determine what hardware and if a touch screen makes sense for certain monitors.
In ProgressIntranetDevelop a website for internal Kettering constiuents; including, faculty web pages, department information, employee and student directory, etc.The web developer in I.T. started 11/16. He is investigating solutions and forming a plan to develop the site.
In ProgressKUCloudKUCloud is desktop in the cloud. Students, Faculty, and Staff can access software from anywhere via the Citrix Virtualization Instance.The hardware is being upgraded to improve and optimize performance.
In ProgressKettering Connect Support to I.T.I.T. will take the technical support of Kettering Connect.The process is continuing to transfer knowledge from the Co-op department to I.T.
In ProgressKettering Online SystemsEnsure Kettering systems are ready to support Kettering Online.Blackboard - Done Banner - Done TargetX - Moving to Decision Desk CRM KUCloud - Done Panapto - Done
In ProgressKqUestThe thesis tracking program.KqUest is moving to Kettering Connect. I.T. will work with Thesis to gather requirements and move to the KC product.
In ProgressLaptop Lab 3-506Upgrade the room to support a classroom environment that supports labs.The design of the room is being discussed and quotes are being established.
In ProgressMatLab Enterprise LicensePurchase and implement to images and labs the enterprise solution that will contain 50 pieces of software.The contract is being worked developed.
In ProgressOnline Course Catalog (CourseLeaf)Online Course CatalogThe project is in progress and going well. At this point we are working with the vendor to pursue a more aggressive timeline from June 1, 2016 to April, 2016.
In ProgressPeopleAdmin and Banner IntegrationIntegrate the hiring and position software with Banner.There is a process that is necessary to purchase from Ellucian to handle the integration. I.T. is investigating how this will happen. This was an unexpected expense not identified earlier by either vendor; PeopleAdmin or Ellucian.
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