Project Name
In ProgressAddress CleansingPurchase and implement a new address cleansing solution into Banner. Currently applicants from Target X are not checked for duplicates withing Target X or against Banner data.Software is installed in a non-prod environment and testing will begin within 2 weeks.
In ProgressBanner Reporting SolutionPurchase and implement a reporting tool allowing all of campus to access Banner data with greater ease. Provide a tool for the Kettering community to extract data from the student information system. This allows for the campus to be data driven and assist in decision making and assessment.* Argos training took place in January. * Data blocks are built. * More training will occur 3/25-3/27
In ProgressCampus Training ProgramProvide training for Faculty, Staff, and Students. This was an ITAC request. There would need to be involvement from CETL, HR, and IT to initiate.A project lead needs to be identified to gather the scope.
In ProgressKqUestThe thesis tracking program.11/20/13: Thesis process has changed. The pain points will be rewritten and after decisions have been finalized I.T. will rewrite the entire product.
In ProgressLecture CaptureCurrent Graduate Distance Learning students have the following options for videos: Download, CD (RealMedia Format,) or DVD. The DVD quality is great but not as convenient as a portable media format.The Academic group for ITAC met to define functional requirements. Video Ops and It are working on gathering information on hardware and software to take back to ITAC.
In ProgressTraining ProgramDevelop a training program for Kettering employees.The program is challenging to start due to personnel constraints.
In ProgressVirtualizationVirtualize an image of software that meets the standard administrative and academic needs.* Timeline is still planned to roll out into production July 2014.
In ProgressWireless UpgradeUpgrade wireless across campus.The C.S. Mott Building, Academic Building, and Campus Center are completed. The Rec Ctr is beginning.
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